GS Dakar

Mission Accomplished - the Dakar Rally 2020

Graeme Sharp is the first Zimbabwean rider to finish the Dakar Rally!

Graeme Sharp

My Dakar Safari 2020

I am an ordinary man who has been on an extraordinary adventure. Since childhood, I have always dreamt of racing in the Dakar Rally. This year, thanks to the support of many people and my sponsors, I achieved this dream. On the 17th January 2020, after racing for 2 weeks and over 7,500km, I became the first Zimbabwean rider to complete the Dakar Rally on a motorbike.

Thank you to my sponsors

Thank you to these companies for making my dream possible!

Blue Steel sponsorship
Trentyre Sponsorship
Zapalala Sponsorship
One Stop Solar sponsorship
Alveo water sponsorship
Bad Rabbit Sponsor
Crossfit Sponosor
Mira Sponsor
Matriach Sponsor
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